What do you do when you need the cash fast?

fan of $100 dollar billsThere you are sitting at home relaxing on a Sunday afternoon trying to figure out where all of your money went after one of the most exciting weekends that you have ever had. Then an uneasy feeling will creep over you and start to wind up your stress levels as you realize you don’t have enough money to see you through to the next pay day. Is there such a thing as a cash loans online weekends option?

Yes there is, nevertheless if you are hoping to get a quick online loan payout, that lets you get your hands on the amount of dollars you’re going to need this very minute, you will have to do your homework in order to make certain that you are engaging with a company that can actually deliver those kinds of capabilities.

When trying to access this type of loans online service it’s important that you check beforehand that your loan application request may have to be applied for in advance for you to be able to access the amount of cash you want over the weekend – to avoid disappointment it’s wise to check prior to applying, regardless of whether these service’s were advertised by any company.

Following are helpful guidelines that will bring you up to speed on how these processes work prior to you jumping on board with just any old company offering a cash loans online weekends service.

How does one make application for a weekend loan?

Making sure you receive your cash by the weekend can mean submitting a completed application before the cut-off deadline. The following information outlines what requirements you will need to fulfill.

The following can vary from lender to lender and to save time you may want to check these requirements in advance of making an application. Normally the following will apply:

• At least18 years of age
• Be earning a regular stable income
• Have Australian citizenship or be a permanent resident
• Own an established bank account

• IDentification: You need to have a photo ID, like a current driver’s license or if you don’t have that, then a proof of age card will suffice. Other substitutes can be a Medicare card or a passport.

• Bank statements: Most lenders will want to see your past 90 days of personal bank statements. Although, there are now a number of loan companies who will ask for your logins so they can view the statements online don’t forget to (change your password afterward).

• Employment and Income: They will want to see pay slips to confirm you are employed, what you earn and how often you get paid. Should you be receiving Centrelink income, check with the lender in advance to see if this is acceptable income for servicing their loans.

• Loan specifics: The loan company will want to know up-front exactly how much you want and over what time period you intend to pay it back.

What options are available for weekend same day online cash loans?

Should you need some fast cash then a cash loans online same day service could be a convenient (but expensive) option worth considering. Enterprises Payday Loans retail storefrontpromoting these short term loans have access to a specialized electronic loan application platform that enables them to forward cash to customers outside of normal business hours including during weekends.

An additional possibility that is worth contemplation is physically fronting up to the store of a fast cash short term lender. This category of lender operates out of physical stores where you go to submit your application which they can quickly process and give you the cash right away if you’re approved.

However, finding one at a convenient location on the weekends can sometimes be a bit of a challenge as there usually are not a lot of these establishments open on the weekends.

This is why same day online cash loans are becoming more popular because of their convenience and speed.

Essential information you must know about weekend cash loans

There is any number of operations out there nowadays who are offering weekend cash loans online. Therefore, before you apply with any one lender it’s usually a very good idea to research and compare the available options in advance. Here are a few questions you ought to ask yourself when assessing the available options:

• What rates and fees can be charged?
Don’t overlook and brush this off in your haste to get the cash. When you are comparing weekend cash loans it can be a very important factor. Fast cash lenders (who offer $2,000 or less) have restrictions on what amount they can bill customers when it comes to their various fees and charges, the maximum monthly interest rate they can charge is 4% of the principal amount borrowed, and 20% of the initial loan amount as an establishment fee, which is added to the loan amount on which interest is then calculated

• Over what time periods to I have for repaying the loan?
Most lenders will; align the payback period based on the frequency of when you get paid whether that be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. However, there can be some flexibility based on individual circumstances and your ability to fulfill the terms requested

• How soon can I get the cash?
It’s a good idea to check in advance with any lender you want to deal with what their turnaround times are going to be to avoid any inconvenience as they can vary depending on their work load at the time.

The importance of understanding the loan application process

man sitting at a computer preparing an online loan applicationDepending on whether you decide to physically go to a fast cash loan store or make an application online can make a difference in the application process. The advantage of same day online cash loans is you can o it from the convenience and privacy of your own home.

Additionally, most of the lenders offering online service’s can approve your application and the funding of your funds on the same day, some within a couple of hours.

With any cash loans online weekends service you can usually rely on receiving a very fast process after the loan company you have accessed has had the chance to review and approve your application.
With a weekend short term loan you can expect a swift process, followed by the lender reviewing your application and providing you with a response on the same day.

Are you dealing with a reliable company?

There is no shortage of companies in Australia today offering quick cash online and the legitimacy of most of them can’t be questioned and most of them are one hundred per cent trustworthy. Should you be need fast access to same day online cash loans you should always ensure you feel comfortable doing business with any company you select.

Nonetheless, as has been demonstrated in the past that the financial service’s industry is no different from any other industry where you will always find a few man straddling the jaws of a shark trying not to be eatenpredatory operators. In the financial online space there will always be some opportunistic pirate looking to find some sucker who is desperate to get their hands on some fast cash in a hurry.

These predatory companies will try slapping customers with outrageously high rates of interest, insane repayment schedules that will penalize them almost before they even have the chance to get out of the gate.

Essentially, anyone looking for an online loan weekend pay out service are generally looking to get their cash request straight away and it’s usually in this type of lending environment where the predatory loan sharks are likely to lurk.

That said, it behooves anyone that is not familiar with any company they are contemplating doing business with that they to their due diligence and carry out enough research to convince themselves that they are dealing with an enterprise that is on the up and up.

Otherwise, for the sake of getting some fast cash on a Saturday or a Sunday you could very well be setting yourself up for catastrophic failure and a paralyzed financial future.

A good tip is to get your application done mid-week

preparing a plan of action in a notebookEven fast cash online lenders who are offering weekend fast cash loans are going to suggest that you get the application process underway as soon as possible, and preferably that you get it started during the normal course of business hours within regular work week days.

Keep in mind that these companies also have to do their due diligence on you, so they need the opportunity to go over your financial profile before they can responsibly okay your loan application.

After that, they also have to get the transfer of funds into your bank account set-up in advance of the weekend. Planning, will guarantee that your much-needed cash is going to arrive in a timely manner, as opposed to trying to search for loans online after the weekend has arrived, because your application may or may not get processed by weekend skeleton staff.

Of course with the hectic pace of life these days it’s not always possible to take time out to submit an application in advance in anticipation of getting a payout by the weekend. Nonetheless, you would have to be just a bit foolish not to exactly that if you had the opportunity to it.

Beside looking for loans online what other options to I have?

When you’re caught short before the weekend, there are a few roads you can take to help cover you until your next payday. The option you choose will depend on your financial circumstances, the amount you need to borrow, and your ability to pay back the loan. Here are some financing choices you have available to you:

Should you be short of cash coming into a weekend and have to resort to looking for loans online so you can get instant approval can be a tempting and convenient way to go, however there may be less expensive choices available. Options available to you will depend on individual circumstances, how much you want to borrow and your capacity to repay the loan on time.

• Credit cards
Should you have access to a credit card, although still expensive, in most instances it will be a cheaper alternative to looking for loans online. Nonetheless, keep in mind you should still consider having a repayment exit plan ready if you to use this option as you don’t want to fall foul of the dreaded credit card debt trap. Should you not already have access to a credit card it should be kept in mind that applying for one and receiving it is a process that can take a few days and sometimes weeks

• Same day online cash loans
As we have already been discussing, these are small loans that you can usually get approved for instantly as long as you can meet a few simple criteria. Enterprises offering these service’s can normally approve you and send you the money you requested on the same day. Keep in mind though; this is usually the most expensive road to follow. That said, most of these lenders will also consider borrowers who have an impaired credit history.

• Personal loans
Should you have a good credit score you might find that your bank may consider giving you a same day personal loan. Check it out as that product will give you the cash you want at much cheaper rates than the online fast cash variety

• Overdraft account
Most major banks are now offering overdraft facilities up to $1,000 which can be attached to your regular chequeing/savings account. This type of facility can be set up quickly and will allow you access to extra cash when you find yourself short up to a predestined limit. It will be there for you in the event you have a need for emergency funds and there are no fees or charges until you actually make use of the facility

• Friends and family
If they don’t think you are going to embarrass them or yourself, friends or family may be a viable source of cash to get you out of a tight spot and avoid expensive loan options.

What to carefully consider when it comes to weekend loans

Fast cash loans online or otherwise are short term loans that are designed to be paid back quickly and should only be used when you have a genuine emergency and simply no other options available to fall back on. They are not designed to be long term loans and should only be accessed when you know you will have the resources to pay them back on time.

Weekend cash and fast cash loans to offer fast and convenient service, nonetheless they don’t come without an expensive price tag. It is prudent to take the time (regardless of the urgency) to thoroughly assess the rates and fees that are listed to be charged to the loan you are being offered before you make an application.

Carefully calculate what your repayment obligations will be and with a clear head, figure out if you can really afford to make the required repayments. Take into consideration first any other ways open to you to get the cash you need and leave same day cash loans as the last resort.

Is the cash going to be there by the weekend?

Depending on what weekend cash option you choose turnaround times can differ.time for action clocks act now reminder

• Credit cards: The turnaround time is instantaneous should you already own a credit card. You can use it to make weekend purchase or withdraw cash from any ATM. Nonetheless, go easy and don’t spend beyond your financial means as the interest rates on cards are still pretty hefty

• Fast cash weekend loans: Most fast cash lenders now provide online access, allowing customers to make an application in mere minutes. Once a loan has been approved most customers will find that they will receive the cash they want that same day. Should you be need the money faster than that you can find online lenders that can get the money to you in a couple of hours or even less. However, beware they may charge extra for that privilege

• Personal loans: As we previously discussed above, there are banking institutions who offer existing customers same-day personal loans. If they won’t to it for you, check out some other banks to see if they will. Keep in mind though it will take time to set the initial service up

• Overdraft account: The benefit of an overdraft account once set in place is you have a ready source of emergency cash directly from your bank account whenever you may need it.

What is the true cost of same day online cash loans?

Interestingly enough same day fast loans have a simple costing structure:

1/. They have a 20% establishment fee that is capped onto the loan amount

2/. Then, you pay +4% per month of the principal amount

Should you borrow say $400 your pay back will be – $496. Amazingly that represents an annual percentage rate of 1223.6% (Variable) per annum.

Once your online loan has been approved your approved loan amount is then deposited directly into your personal cheque account. You can then use the cash for whatever your needs are, nevertheless always keep in mind you will need to pay it back on the agreed upon due date. Meeting your obligation on time will keep you from racking up extra fees and penalties and bad credit listings on your credit file.

Should you get into difficulty with paying any loan back it is imperative that you contact your lender immediately and be upfront with them about your predicament. Trying to avoid them and failing to keep them informed will only annoy and frustrate them to the point they will pass your file onto a debt collector and legal action could follow.

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