Five Personal Development Myths

Personal development is big business. There are plenty of books and workshops that promise to change your life in five quick and easy steps. But before investing your time, money, and energy in programs that promise to give your life a new start, John

Lynx and cameraman develop special bond

When cameraman Sam Ellis started filming wild Lynx ‘Mad Max’, he never thought he’d capture such a rare moment on film. When cameraman Sam Ellis was tasked by CBC to capture footage of wild Canadian lynx, he never thought he’d develop such a special

Internet investing: beware the modern-day snake-oil sellers

Iona Bain, Writer, Speaker, Broadcaster and Blogger specialising in young finances Iona is a panellist at The Scotsman’s free Annual Investment Conference on Tuesday 30th March in association with Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust and Rathbones. Register here. Other webinar panelists include… Continue Reading